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Daily Digest

Lowy Institute: Doklam: Paths ahead for India and China

Lowy Institute contributor Shashank Joshi outlines possible scenarios to the India-China tension in Doklam.

Water Wars: It’s Time to “Get Used to It” in the South China Sea

Lawfare’s weekly update and analyses on events related to the South China and East China Sea along with updates on the various developments in the region.

The Diplomat: China’s North Korea Solution

China’s priority is stability in the Korean Peninsula, argues Son Daekwon, Ph.D. candidate at Peking University and a Korea Foundation Fellow at Pacific Forum CSIS.

East Asia Forum: Cloudy forecast for Moon’s ‘Sunshine Policy 2.0’

An argument that Moon’s plan of reciprocating North Korea’s actions with lucrative economic deals will not yield favorable results.

Asia Times: Could US reset sanctions on Myanmar over North Korea?

Given persistent reports of ongoing ties between the Myanmar’s military and North Korea, Bertil Lintner argues that the Myanmar’s civilian government may not be aware of ongoing relationship.

Lowy Institute: Indonesia’s new North Natuna Sea: What’s in a name?

Indonesia draws its own lines — and makes its own name — in the South China Sea.

Korea JoongAng Daily: The North ‘as it is’

Accept North Korea as a nuclear state and then engage for peace.

ASEAN Today: Why the Philippines won the South China Sea, but China has taken the spoils

China’s exercise of raw power trumps the Hague ruling.

East Asia Forum: The South China Sea seven years on

An analysis of how US policy since 2010 has influenced the territorial disputes in the South China Sea.