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RSIS Commentary: A ‘New Trade Framework’?

The agreement by the 11 remaining members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to proceed with negotiations to establish the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership is portrayed as an effort to fill the economic leadership gap created by the US withdrawal from the partnership.

Lawfare: Water Wars: Trump Exports “America First” to Asia

A summary of President Trump’s visit to Asia.

World Politics Review: The Strategy Behind South Korea’s Outreach to Southeast Asia

An explanation of South Korea’s growing engagement with Southeast Asia.

East Asia Forum: Can East Asian regionalism be a bulwark against a ‘post-liberal’ West?

An argument promoting East Asia regionalism as a mechanism for mitigating the impact of isolationism and protectionism.

Channel News Asia Commentary: Why the Indo Pacific will keep trumping the Asia Pacific

Rory Medcalf argues that use of the term “Indo-Pacific” is more than the latest US slogan.

The National Interest: If America Topples North Korea and Iran, What Happens Next?

An argument for why promoting regime change in North Korea is a bad idea.

War on the Rocks: The rise, fall, and rebirth of the ‘quad’

Will the attempt to establish a quadrilateral dialogue among the US, Japan, Australia, and India be more successful the second time around?

RSIS Commentary: Trump’s Asia Visit: New Momentum in US-Asia Ties?

President Trump’s visit to Asia: seeing the glass half-full.