Volume 1, Issue 2

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July - September 1999 · Published: Oct 1999

Daily Digest

The Strategist: Trump is in denial about North Korea

Has Trump’s top-down approach to dealing with North Korea led to a blindness to the DPRK’s underlying strategy?

The Diplomat: Trump’s Trade War on China Is About More Than Trade

Does the US threat of a trade war with China reflect a broader paradigm shift in the US?


Project Syndicate: Can Multilateralism Survive?

Can multilateralism survive in a multipolar world?

East Asia Forum: Was China’s RIMPAC exclusion an opening salvo or a wasted shot?

Does the US have a plan to follow through after dis-inviting China to RIMPAC?

Asia Times: Malaysia’s Najib sought CIA support before election defeat

An attempt by the Najib government to seek US CIA influence in Malaysia’s 2018 election.

Asia Times: Suu Kyi loses control of once hopeful peace process

Has Myanmar’s Panglong 21 Peace Conference turned into a geostrategic struggle between the Tatmadaw and China?

38 North: Back to the Basics: Above and Beyond CVID with North Korea

Adjusting to the reality of the real implications of the US-DPRK summit.

The Diplomat: Japan, EU Display Solidarity in the Face of US Friction

The EU-Japan free trade agreement as a calibrated rebuke of US trade policy.

The Diplomat: Myth-Busting Chinese FDI in the Philippines

An attempt to reduce expectations about Chinese investment in the Philippines.