Volume 3, Issue 1

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Daily Digest

The Diplomat: China-Japan Reset Continues With High-Level Economic Talks

China and Japan continue efforts to reset relationship.

Asia Times: US revival of the quad might have died

Are Japan and India having second thoughts about the “Quad” as a means to contain China?

Asia Times: PLA drill in Taiwan Strait turns into a tempest in a teapot

China’s military exercise in the South China Sea: less than portrayed?

The Interpreter: Is Japan’s rare earth discovery fool’s gold?

A skeptical view of Japan’s rare earth discovery.

The Diplomat: Japan’s Multi-Layered, Multilateral Strategy

A summary of Japan’s efforts to counter Chinese influence in Asia.

Asia Times: Japan-China relations strained over rare earths find

New tensions between China and Japan over recent discovery of rare earth deposits in Japan EEZ?

Asia Times: Anti-China sentiment rises from the ashes of Marawi

Resistance builds in Marawi against China-led rehabilitation proposal.

Asia Times: Thai junta deftly rebalances its US-China relations

Thailand seeks a balance in its relations with China and the US.

East Asia Forum: Are military assistance programs important for US–Indonesia ties?

Questioning the impact of international military education and training (IMET) and arms sales on US-Indonesia relations.